Stainless Steel Grade 316 Push-Lock Swageless Stud For 3/16 Inch Cable


  • Easy to install
  • Requires no swaging or special installation tools
  • Made of Stainless Steel Grade 316
  • Size/Dimensions: For 3/16″ Cable

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Field installed Push-Lock? studs require no swaging or special tools. No field swaging Use our Invisiware? Receivers with Push-Lock? studs and there is no need to swage the threaded stud onto the cable. Receivers with Push-Lock? studs can be used with any fitting on the other end, but when used with our other swageless fittings, both ends can be put on the cable by hand without any swaging or special tools. Easy to install Push the cable into the Push-Lock? swageless stud, where it will be securely held inside the fitting. The Invisiware Receiver Part#CAR-6 (Sold Separately) is female-threaded to accept the male-threaded end of the fitting. The head of the Invisiware Receiver is broached for an Allen wrench. To tension the cable, use an Allen wrench to rotate the Receiver around the threaded end of the stud.


For 3/16″ Cable



Simple Installation

Easy installation

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Stainless Steel Grade 316


For 3/16" Cable

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Push-Lock Swageless Stud Stainless Steel 316 For 3/16" Cable

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