LUNCH Table Pullout Sliding Countertop Extension Mechanism


  • LUNCH Pull-out Sliding Countertop Extension Mechanism that gets flash with the kitchen top
  • Transformable Space Table into an Island that expands counter top work space (Excellent Kitchen Island Solutions)
  • Innovation that will help you to save space and add function to your home. Optimizes workspace in a small kitchen
  • Designed to be installed in a cabinet with an exterior width of 16 1/8″ to 49 1/16″
  • Interior Dimensions Required: Depth Min. 21 1/4″ x Interior Dimensions Required Width 16 1/8″ to 49 1/16″ x Interior Dimensions Required Height Min. 4 3/4″. Extension 35 1/4″
  • Weight capacity: 132 lbs (60 Kg) evenly distributed and when properly installed
  • Product can be professionally installed next to each other making the width larger*


LUNCH Table Extension Mechanism Functional Transformable Space Side Pull-Out Sliding Table Island Side table that expands counter top work space. These systems enable a table to be extracted from the cabinet in a blink of an eye. Perfect for kitchens with limited space and also very useful when they are used as an extra preparation zone in the kitchen. No more cluttered counter-top!

Item Additional Details – Lunch # RH4119112010: 

Optimizes workspace in a small kitchen
Hidden in a cabinet when not in use (takes the space normally used by a drawer)
Designed to be installed in a cabinet with an exterior width of 450 mm to 900 mm (17-3/4″ to 35-7/16″)
Complete system, only the top panel must be made by the buyer, which enables harmonization with the counter
Once the mechanism is folded out, the panel adjusts to the same height as the counter
Aluminum rail with high-load capacity of 60 kg (132 lb), evenly distributed
Can be installed in place of a drawer, behind the hinged front panel that tilts towards the back enabling the table to slide out of the cabinet
Approximate total extension of the table: 895 mm (35 1/4″)

Top is not included
Slides: inox bronze finish
Hardware bag included
Material: aluminum slides

Min. opening width: 410 – 1170mm (16 1/8″ – 49 1/16″)
Min. internal depth: 
540mm (21 1/4″)
Min. opening height: 
120mm (4 3/4″)
Recommended top panel thickness: 
19mm (3/4″)
Total extension (outside the cabinet): 
895mm (35 1/4″)


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