Vauth-Sagel VS COR® Susan Pie-Cut Polymer 2 Shelf Lazy Susan For Corner Base Cabinet


  • EasyFit – Assembly is quick and easy. No tools are required
  • Hight Adjustable – Standpipe Adapts to different cabinet heights
  • Retrofit Ready – Can be installed in existing cabinetry without removing the countertop
  • Optimal Access – Even the items in the back can be easily reached
  • High Load Capacity – Each tray holds up to 66 lbs of storage!
  • Designed for Diagonal Base Cabinets: 33″ x 33″ or  36″ x 36″
  • Installation height required: Minimum 28″


VS COR® Susan pie-cut system is designed to be used for diagonal corner cabinets and must be attached to the cabinet door. Height adjustment can be done manually by turning a wheel on the center post. Available in two popular sizes. We have developed corner cabinet solutions that not only optimally utilize angled spaces, but instead put the corner right in the center of the kitchen experience. As a result, we opened up unseen perspectives to experience a corner space in a new way!

  • Designed for Diagonal Base Cabinets Measuring: 33″ x 33″ or  36″ x 36″
  • Installation height required: Minimum 28″
  • Tray Weight Capacity: 66 lbs per shelf
  • Anti-Slip tray ribs technology (Trays trip height – 1 1/8 Inch)
  • Telescopic Adjustable Center Post

Made in Germany – Engineered with maximum quality without compromise!

Maximum quality: Products manufactured in Germany represent maximum quality. Products that last longer mean lower costs, fewer raw materials and less waste, which in turn promotes sustainability and environmental protection.

Development: Development is about designing new products. This involves various factors such as customer expectations, materials and profitability.

Design: The appearance of a high-quality product is also significant. Design ideally combines an attractive appearance with ease of use.

Production: The ideas from the development and design stages are implemented during production. Trained skilled personnel as well as the best machines and tools are used to ensure the result is a high-quality product and high standard of workmanship.
Quality assurance: To guarantee the quality of a finished product, it is subjected to a range of tests following production.

Sustainability: Production in Germany means that strict standards are complied with in the manufacture of our products. For example, this ensures that workers in the production facilities receive fair wages and that work processes are designed to be as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. In addition, it is a committed to conserving resources: by reducing the exchange of pollutants, raw material consumption and noise pollution in the production processes, which helps respect the environment and make products more sustainable.

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24" for 33" Corner Cabinet, 28" for 36" Corner Cabinet


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